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I never enjoy talking to people I sit next to on planes. Their mindless chatter keeps me from me sleeping, which makes for an unhappy traveller. The one exception was on my flight to London over New Years. This fun-loving lady and I scooped up the exit row seats and instantly hit it off. She is the Editor and Publisher of the smart, sexy, sustainable online magazine called Coco Eco. Fast track to 6 months later, I had lunch with Anna back in LA. We giggled even more making it seem like our Virgin Atlantic flight was just yesterday. Anna was in the process of rebuilding her team, so I obviously jumped at the opportunity to be the Creative Director for the magazine. It has always been my dream to combine my love for design, fashion and entrepreneurship! It was a thrill to design their July/August Jetset Issue, I hope you enjoy.

xo, Jordan

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  1. Niki and Jim Strate
    Tuesday, August 7th, 2012