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Product Packaging: Ad Space You’ve Already Bought

Good packaging is much more than just a pretty face.

Promoting your business can be tricky. Which platforms will give you the best exposure? What kind of advertising will most resonate with your audience? If you’ve put energy into marketing your products, these questions probably triggered a hundred more. With so much to consider, it’s easy to miss opportunities that are right in front of you. That includes your packaging. The way you package your products tells the world a lot about your business. Think of packaging as ad space you’ve already purchased.

How do you capitalize on this opportunity? Here are a few tips.

  • Know yourself and your audience.

    The best packaging tells the world your business’s story. Brainstorm words or phrases that capture what makes your business unique. From that list, choose terms that are most likely to resonate with your target demographic. Keeping those words at the forefront during the design process will help you develop packaging that captures your brand.

tea packaging

  • Make it useful.

    Good packaging is both beautiful and functional. Don’t stop at pretty. If you can make your product as nice to use as it is to look at, you’ve hit the nail on the head. Want to get inspired? Check out Mintwich’s Packaging Pinterest board.

bowl packaging

  • Go green.

    We live in an increasingly interconnected world. It’s easier than ever to see how everything is related. So it’s more important than ever for your brand to think about big-picture issues like sustainability and social responsibility. Consider going green when you choose packaging materials. Moving from plastic to more easily recycled or compostable glass and metal will help you show buyers that you value environmental responsibility, just like them.  

  • Don’t limit yourself.

    Think packaging is only for businesses that sell tangible products? Think again! There are plenty of opportunities for service-based businesses to benefit from these packaging principals, from business cards to the gifts you send to valued clients during the holidays.

gift packaging

Would your business benefit from expert packaging design? To make the most of this pre-purchased ad space, contact Mintwich Creative. My full-service design studio can help you find packaging that fits your brand and your budget. I’m here to beautify your product.

xo, Jordan

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