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There are those occasional, if awkward, moments that many of us experience on the Internet, when we’re browsing for new music, inspiration, or even new clients, and we come across a page that … just … well, it looks like it hasn’t been updated since Excite was a major player in web browsing. It’s probably the case that this site has been long abandoned, but then … we’ll just hope it has been, anyway. Of course, there are those even more awkward moments, when we realize that the neglected site is our own. If this or any of these signs are familiar, it’s time to revamp your website.

If your site might be an offender, here is a guide of  Seven Ways to Tell if Your Website Needs a Facelift.

1) Is your site compatible with all web browsers? The days of Internet Explorer’s market dominance are over, and if your site was launched five years ago with IE in mind, it might have some issues loading properly with other browsers, like Firefox, Opera, Safari, or the current market leader, Google Chrome. If this is the case, then it might be a good time to overhaul the site to improve functionality.

2) Is your site mobile friendly? With more and more people using smart phones to browse the web, it is important to make sure your site has a mobile version or is mobile friendly.

3) Is your site heavy with Flash and other trends? Flash graphics interfere with search engines and is also not viewable on the iPad or Android based tablets.

4) Is your site easy to navigate? If potential customers have a difficult time finding useful information on your site, they’ll get frustrated and leave for a competitor’s. A simple rule is that it should take potential clients no more than three clicks to find information they’re looking for.

5) Is your information up to date? If your business has changed its location, management, or inventory, or even updated the contact info, it’s a good idea to make sure all of this is up to date on the site. If people see your old information online, they’ll be in for a frustrating drive when they head over to your old location, and if your phone number or email address is out of date, you risk losing potential business.

6) Beware of broken links on your site. If potential customers are browsing your site, looking over your products and find one of these pop up, they’re likely not to be pleased. Error pages can reflect poorly on the business and hurt the value of the brand.

7) Does your site show up in searches? The value of SEO phrases in the text on your site cannot be overstated. You want to drive traffic to your site, and the best place to start is to make sure it shows up in engines like web behemoth Google, but also in others like Yahoo and Bing.

Mintwich can help give your site the facelift it needs. We can improve any outdated designs, give it a crisp and clean appearance, improve its navigation, and help improve its SEO.

Check out a few of our website projects, or the full portfolio in our Lookbook!



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