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The team here at Mintwich Creative was talking the other day, trying to put our finger on exactly how to describe design to someone. How would we answer that, without having to run through a verbal marathon of every genre, every period, every material, every designer, and every purpose?

Tough job, we agreed, and we all had a different definition; but rather than trying to define design, we wanted to share what we love, and what inspires our work. So here we go…

After much thought, discussion, cups of coffee, and a tour of collected bits of inspiration, it became all-too-apparent: what we love about design is everything! What makes it special is how you use it, what you choose to surround yourself with, and the place it has in your life. Whether it’s a favorite writing pen or that very special 1962 Baker club chair you inherited from your grandparents, design is a lens for life, and you can use it to make a one-time statement of taste, or a life-long signature of your personal style.

Baker Far East Club Chairs / Saffron Silk Club Chairs / Milo Club Chairs

But Mintwich knows that learning about where great design comes from can be overwhelming. Design incorporates so many amazing objects and environments, from vintage, to retro, to modern. How to make sense of it all? Let us help! By pulling together favorite articles, color palettes, examples of typography, pictures of fantastically-plated dinners, lists of places to see and stay, and other gorgeous flights-of-fancy that influence our work, the Mintwich blog is a big bay window (with amazing original metal panes!) onto the glorious world of design.

Here at Mintwich, we’re using our blog to present our unique way of defining the big open book of “design”. Our projects span from special event pieces like invitations and place-setting specialties, to corporate identity work for a wide variety of clients. From interiors and landscapes to fashion and typography; from furniture to flooring to super-sleek travel bags and killer running shoes, we look at everything and constantly find new things to feed our souls with the design we love. And now we want to share it with you. Visit us here for a carefully curated swan-dive into all things design-related.

Our favorite pretties for the week:

Color Blocked Chocolate / Frederiksborg Castle, Denmark / Custom Lettering / Gucci Metallic Pumps

xo, Jordan

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